World's Leading Media Buying Software
StationBreak® has been used to buy time
for over 100 Famous Celebrity Infomercials

  • StationBreak® - Our Software & TV Data Products

    Stations Database with Rankings …............................................................. $99.
    - Over 28,000 Broadcast TV Stations & Cable Networks RANKED for the probability
     an infomercial will be profitable on that station.
    Stations Database with Rankings, 822 Best Stations & 34,000 Buys... $299.
    - Includes Stations Database with Rankings described above.
    - Includes 822 stations that are the ONLY stations we recommend you buy.
    - Includes Over 34,000 real air dates (media buys with real prices).
    StationBreak™ Software...............................................................................… $999.
    - Stations Database with Rankings, 822 Best Stations & 34,000 Buys.
    - Max Pay Software™ - Tells you maximum to pay on each TV station.
    - Calendar/Scheduler – Shows Media Buys, Meetings, etc.
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    Customer Data Niches - Helps YOU Make More Profit

    Our software uncovers Patterns in how each customer behaves. Having identified
    the Pattern, it give you the probability of customer behaviour. Our software
    uses several hundred proprietary mathematical formulas to predict response,
    propensity, and lifetime using Predictive Statistics, Consumer Behavior Studies
    and Census Data  and to segment markets into NICHES to make
    decisions on everything, such as media buying, product pricing, ad copy, and 
    what each customer can be expected to buy and when will they buy it. 

    For example, our software was able to recognize and predict that customers who
    move triple their purchases in the 12 weeks after moving, which peaks in
    4 weeks. Their buys form a pattern: furniture, telecommunications equip. and
    decorations but stay away from jewelry and home electronics. Our software
    provides information allowing you to bring appropriate items and specials
    to the attention of customers based on their prior behaviour and spending patterns.

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    Complete Fulfillment & CRM in One Software

    Our software handles ANY size compoany from a Home-based business to
    companies with over 10 BILLION customers. Unlike other companies that
    RIP YOU OFF by charging you a license by the month or year or by the size of
    your company, our software allows yopu to grow with no additional costs.

    Complete Fulfillment & Customer Relationship Management with MORE features
    than found in ANY other similar software on the market.

    • Order Entry, Fulfillment & Merchant Processing
    • Customer Management
    • Integrated eCommerce (eBay®, Yahoo®, Amazon®, Channel Advisor®)
    • Integrates seamlessly with Intuit QuickBooks®
    • Direct interface to UPS®, FedEx/RPS®, USPS® and Airborne®
    • 3rd Party Cart & Marketplace Feeds
    • PCI Compliant Payment Processing Gateway and Merchant Accounts
    • Create Custom Reports and Graphs; Integrates with Google Analytics

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    Infomercials & The Law

    The FTC does a good job of monitoring infomercials for misleading ad claims.
    Find an attorney who worked for the FTC to review your ads and to write a
    LEGAL OPINION LETTER where he puts his butt on the line and states
    "All ad claims are clearly substantiated by the documentation on file
    In my office prior to the release of any advertising." 
      A letter that states that
    "Ad claims are defensible..." is WORTHLESS.  Here are some useful links:

    FTC: Frequently Asked Advertising Questions: A Guide for Small Business

    FTC: Dietary Supplements: An Advertising Guide for Industry

    Dietary Supplements Overview

Who we are

We are the World's Leading Media Buying & FulFillment Software for TV
& Radio Time since 1980. Our software bought time for over 100 Famous Celebrity Infomercials. Our software tells you which stations to buy & the maximum to pay on each station.

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What we do

Did your ad agency tell you that federal law requires that all TV & Radio Time must be sold through an auction?
If not, then fire that agency! 
Most half hours on NBC, ABC, CBS, or FOX stations sell for $20 to $400.
Call us for more information.

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Sample Work

StationBreak® RANKS each TV station & cable system based on the Science of Predictive Analytics and Probability Density Theory from Quantum Mechanics to help predict whch stations which stations your TV Spot or infomercial is most likely to make the most profit on.

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